10 Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect for 2020

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This year has been interesting, to say the least, and our 2020 Halloween costumes need to reflect that. That’s why, from humor and pop culture to the tried-and-true basics, we’ve covered them all in this list of Halloween costumes that are perfect for 2020.

Whether you choose to spend this Halloween 2020 solo, virtually, or in the real world with your friends, we are pretty certain we have the perfect Halloween costume for you. 


The nurse Halloween costume is one we may have considered wearing at least once before. Although with the world falling short of them this year, the nurse costume will take on a whole new meaning. Just make sure nobody confuses you for the real deal, because we hear your imaginary medical expertise could be in high demand. 

Whether you want to go for the professional look with scrubs and a stethoscope; the flirty, provocative version with the stockings; or make it a couples costume with your partner in a doctor’s outfit, there’s something for everyone when it comes to this classic.

Wonder Woman

The new DC movie is set to release in December, but we think we need Wonder Woman to save this year ASAP! You could go for a premade Wonder Woman costume or make one yourself. All you’ll need is a red bodysuit, a blue starry skirt, and the Wonder Woman headband to pull off this look. It’s easy, classic, and especially timely. 


Most would agree that the zombie apocalypse is the only thing left to see this year. Maybe you and your friends could be the ones to sort that out. A great group costume and super convenient to put together, all you need are some tattered old clothes, fake blood, and convincing makeup skills. Time to start scaring people silly! 

The Zoom Meeting

If you’re feeling a little extra crafty, try this quirky DIY costume. On a large piece of rectangular cardboard, glue, or paint on a screenshot of one of your zoom meetings. Cut out the middle part of the screen (where the speaker is during the meeting) so that you’re left with a frame of sorts to put your face in. Make sure you wear a blazer or something formal on top and your pajama pants as bottoms, for maximum work from home authenticity.


Never before have we had a monster as frightening as this one, so it’s only fitting that this is the costume that gets the most screams. For a frightening yet tongue in cheek Halloween costume, choose the virus. 

A simple costume to execute; all you’ll need is the right mask and you’ll have people running the opposite way. It’s easy, novel, and scary – the Halloween trifecta, if you ask us.

Snow globe 

Here is a costume that will get you a few social-distanced chuckles. You will need a Bumper Ball for this one which is essentially a big transparent ball you wear using a harness. It’s usually used to play silly games like Bumper Ball soccer but works great for our purpose. 

All you need to do is put on a Santa’s hat, glue some cotton balls onto your Bumper Ball, and stick a ring-shaped cardboard base to the bottom of it. Put it on and safely bump around as a Christmas snow globe this Halloween.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The second woman ever to be a justice of the US Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has inspired many and stirred a revolution. As the world mourns her passing, why not honor her legacy by dressing up as her for a day? 

For your ensemble, you will need a judge’s robe, fancy collar, and a gavel. If you want to use the opportunity to really pay homage to the Notorious R.B.G, you could carry with you her illustrated biography for children, “I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark” by Debbie Levy. To draw a teachable moment from something fun like Halloween could be just what makes it extra special. 

Couch Potato

Over the past few months, our lifestyles have sustained major changes. Some of us (read: most of us) would sheepishly have to admit that we have turned into the couch potatoes we swore we never would become. It’s okay, it’s absolutely explicable during these strange times! On the bright side however, you now get to turn the whole thing into a relatable Halloween costume. 

Buying a premade Couch Potato costume would be the easiest way to go. Although, if you are feeling creative and up for a challenge, you could choose to make it yourself. Munch on a bag of potato chips while in character, for some extra comedic effect. 


I think it’s safe to say that we have been more self-sufficient this year than ever before. Cooking and cleaning, while managing everything else is the new normal. With it has come the realization that perhaps we ought to have been brushing up on our cooking skills before we needed to depend on them. What we wouldn’t give to be master chefs right now!

Well, maybe dressing the part could be the first step, and Halloween is the perfect day for that. Grab a chef’s coat, an apron and chef hat, and let people think you’re cooking up a storm.

Rip Van Winkle

The story of Rip Van Winkle was published in 1819, by author Washington Irving. It’s about a villager who after meeting some mysterious Dutchmen, drinks their liquor and falls into a deep sleep for 20 years. Of course, in the story, he wakes up dazed and confused; but (at the risk of sounding wry) maybe that’s just what we all need right now. At any rate, it doesn’t hurt to play dress-up and pretend for a night, does it?

To achieve the look of a haggard from the 19th century, you will need a mangy gray beard and some tattered old clothes (preferably period clothing). If you want to go the whole nine yards, carry a nice big bottle of liquor (or you know, apple juice), and if not, that’s okay too. If anyone asks about your costume, maybe just fall asleep…for an eternity. Or at least until 2020 is over.

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